Course Description

Beyond the Level 1 Curriculum, Chinatown JKD offers a wide range of advanced techniques and strategies; all of which have been organized into a clearly defined, systematic curriculum which will enable you to qualify for your Level 2 ranking (2nd Rank).

The techniques and strategies featured in Level 2 are significantly more complex than those featured in the Level 1 course and many of the volumes will cover aspects of sparring (this is because Level 2 ranking is partly based on sparring performance).

Level 2 is broken down into 9 separate volumes, each covering different aspects of the 2nd Rank requirements.

The Level 2 curriculum of Chinatown JKD integrates all the lessons from your Level 1 lessons and adds another layer of sophistication.

Level 2 is not taught in a ‘progressive lesson format’, instead it focuses on integrating the lessons contained within Level 2 to what you have already been working on.

You will learn brand new material, concepts, principles and strategies in 9 different areas of study:

You'll learn:

  • Sparring – Sparring is a big part of your training as you progress in Chinatown JKD. In volume 1, you will learn the fundamentals of sparring as well as: different lines of attack; counter-attacking strategies; how to deal with different types of opponents; and ring generalship (for sparring matches)
  • Defensive Drills – Volume 2 will cover various defensive drills, such as: the slipping and “bob and weave” progressions; boxing, kickboxing and wall survival drills.
  • Attacking Methods – In volume 3, you will learn Sijo Bruce Lee’s famous “5 Methods of Attack”: Single Direct Attack / Single Angular Attack; Attack By Combination; Attack By Drawing; Progressive Indirect Attack; Hand Immobilization Attack. You will also be get and in-depth lesson on “broken rythm” and how to apply it in combat.
  • Sensitivity Training – Trapping is the topic of discussion in Volume 4. It includes lessons on: the swinging gate drill; counter trapping tactics; combative applications of trapping; energy drills as taught in Sifu Dan Inosanto’s backyard classes; and historical techniques.
  • Advanced Striking & Footwork – Volume 5 consists of 5 modules, where you will learn more advanced punching, kicking, footwork drills and techniques of Chinatown Jeet Kune Do.
  • Infighting Techniques – In volume 6, Sifu Dennis Blue will share with you the infighting techniques as taught in Sifu Tackett’s garage (as part of the JKD Wednesday Night Group) designed to fill in gaps in the Chinatown JKD curriculum concerning close quarters fighting. While this is considered supplementary material, it is a very important part of your overall game.
  • Ground Escapes – Sifu Jim McCann is the featured instructor in Volume 7. Our approach to ground fighting is very simple: “Get back to our feet!” In this volume you will learn simple and effective techniques for getting off the ground from various positions (in the event you find yourself on the ground during an encounter).
  • The Wooden Dummy (Mook Jong) – Sifu Tackett provides a general overview of techniques and training methods on the Mook Jong in volume 8. Sifu focuses on the elements of the Wing Chun and JKD sets (created by Dan Inosanto) used most often by the JKD Wednesday Night Group & Chinatown JKD.
  • Distance Drills – These lessons in volume 9 concludes the Level 2 set. Sifu Tackett is back to teach you how to defend or intercept by controlling range during an encounter. He will share with you several drills and strategies to use distance to your advantage.
  • And A Lot More!

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Chinatown JKD Instructor Team

Sifu Tim Tackett, Sifu Dennis Blue and Sifu Jeremy Lynch round out the Instructor Team for our Jeet Kune Do Lessons. Our vision is to share and preserve these techniques while providing Jeet Kune Do practitioners from all over the world access to the most complete Chinatown Jeet Kune Do video tutorials and training program available anywhere.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Read This First!

  • 2

    Volume 1 - Sparring

    • Volume 1

    • Module 1A - Overview & Footwork

    • Module 1B - CounterAttacking

    • Module 1C - Types of Opponents: Part 1

    • Module 1D - Types of Opponents: Part 2

    • Module 1E - Types of Opponents: Part 3​

    • Q & A - Volume 1

  • 3

    Volume 2 - JKD Defensive Drills

    • Volume 2

    • Module 2A - Slipping and Bob & Weave Progressions

    • Module 2B - Boxing Survival Drill

    • Module 2C - Defensive Survival Drills

    • Q & A - Volume 2

  • 4

    Volume 3 - Methods of Attack

    • Volume 3

    • Module 3A - SDA & SAA

    • Module 3B - ABC & ABD

    • Module 3C - PIA

    • Module 3D - HIA

    • Module 3E - Broken Rhythm

    • Q & A - Volume 3

  • 5

    Volume 4 - Sensitivity & Energy Drills

    • Volume 4

    • Module 4A - Energy Drills 1

    • Module 4B - Energy Drills 2

    • Module 4C - Bong Lop Roll

    • Module 4D - Historical Techniques

    • Q & A - Volume 4

  • 6

    Volume 5 - Striking and Footwork

    • Volume 5

    • Module 5A - Kicking: Part 1

    • Module 5B - Kicking: Part 2

    • Module 5C - Kicking: Part 3

    • Module 5D - Footwork Combinations

    • Module 5E: Striking

    • Q & A - Volume 5

  • 7

    Volume 6 - Infighting

    • Volume 6

    • Module 6A - Tools for Close Quarter Striking

    • Module 6B - Quarter Swings

    • Module 6C - Emergency Response

    • Module 6D - Cupping

    • Module 6E - Sweeps

    • Q & A - Volume 6

  • 8

    Volume 7 - Ground Escapes

    • Volume 7

    • Module 7A - The Get Up

    • Module 7B - Ground vs Standing

    • Module 7C - Mounted Opponent

    • Module 7D - Escape from Dominant Positions

    • Q & A - Volume 7

  • 9

    Volume 8 - The Wooden Dummy

    • Volume 8

    • Module 8A - Core Techniques

    • Module 8B - The Jut Sao Dummy

    • Module 8C - Applications

    • Q & A - Volume 8

  • 10

    Volume 9 - Distance Drills

    • Volume 9

    • Module 9A - Focus Mitt Drills

    • Module 9B - Controlling Distance

    • Module 9C - Footwork Drills: Part 1

    • Module 9D - Footwork Drills: Part 2

    • Q & A - Volume 9

  • 11


    • About the Level 2 Curriculum

    • Testing Guidelines

    • Testing Requirements

    • Ranking Structure of Chinatown JKD

    • Create a Study Group


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